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Needles for embroidery №5-10 DMC, 1765/3

Needles for embroidery №5-10 DMC, article of the manufacturer 1765/3

For embroidery Diamant, in 1-2 threads, Perle 5-8.

16 needles in blister.

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Embroider needles № 5-10, DMC 1765/3.

For embroidery Diamant, in 1-4 threads, Perle 5-8.

16 needles in blister.

• Needles for traditional needlework

• Needles with a sharp tip are used for all types of fabrics

• Each size of needle has an "eye" of different size and is used for embroidery with threads of different thickness

• DMC needles are manufactured using the latest technologies and undergo quality control on the latest equipment.

• High quality materials are used to make needles: steel and nickel.

• DMCneedles are made of nickel-plated steel. Nickel is a silver, hard and plastic metal, resistant to oxidation and corrosion.

Type stitch embroidery
Size 5-10
Country-manufacturer China
Country brand registration France

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