How to place an order:

1. It is necessary to register in our shop (in the registration form there are hints on which fields to fill), if you are registered, then enter your login and password.

2. To put interesting goods in the basket. You can order the order only for those products that are available.

Please note: You will not be able to add goods to the basket if the quantity you need exceeds the amount available in stock.

3. In the basket, click on "Place an order" and select the shipping and payment method on the download page. Attention residents of the capital and other cities-when choosing an area you also need to choose a town (town, village, etc.)

4. To complete the order, click on "Checkout".

5. After we receive your order, the manager calls you and arranges for the payment and delivery of the order. Without confirmation of the order by phone, we do not ship the goods. If we can not reach you - we will write you a letter.

6. If for some reason you can not pay or pick up the goods, call us:

+38 044 500-56-05

+38 066 370-77-55

but if suddenly you could not call us, write us an email. address: [email protected]